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The energy innovation

Guaranteed for 10 years!

BEST Board® AUSTRIA, the n. 1 of baseboard heaters, is produced by Christine Prantl firm, founded in 1992.

The brand Best Board® is a trademark protected in accordance with applicable European regulations relating to plant thermal-hydraulic and has undergone extensive trials and meticulous tests to evaluate safety and reliability.

The Best Board® is a low temperature system suitable for any environment, ideal for energy saving.

Clima Best Board baseboard heating
Clima Best Board baseboard heating

Method of operation

The baseboard heats the wall, becoming a source of radiant heat with radiant propagation throughout the environment. The emission of energy is particularly moderate but developed by a surface of large size. The emission source of radiant energy is in fact the whole wall and for more than outer perimeter that normally with other systems is cold.

In contrast to traditional radiators, convectors and floor systems, there is no air circulation. The system guarantees the absence of fine dust in the air and a clean and healthy environment by eliminating the feeling of the dry air is commonly perceived with other systems, especially for the presence of dust.

The air humidity remains the natural one (between 50% and 60%).

One of the major advantages of the Best Board® is that on the wall surface does not form more condensation processes and consequently the heat loss is decreased by 15-20% approximately. Moreover, thanks to the heating of the wall the formation of moisture for lifts is inhibited, and also the formation of mold in the corners by capillarity. The heated water from our source of energy (eg. The boiler) passes through the copper tubing (return) of the strip within the coating. Between the segments that intersect these tubes, which are tightly welded, the air is heated, rises upwards and out through the upper slot of the covering profile.

The slats are alloy antistatic and therefore do not attract dust inside the elements.

The coating of aluminum, from the lowest point of the cold wall radiates the heat necessary to counteract the cold that comes down from above along the same wall. In this way in the room prevents the diffusion of cold air. The cold air that descends from the top is progressively heated by the hot flow dating from the baseboard, which simultaneously heats the surface of the wall.

The heating baseboard fits harmoniously into any environment and does not preclude the support of the furniture due to its small size: 138 mm height and 28 mm in depth.

In short: why baseboard heating Best Board® ?

  • to heat a house of 100 m2 are sufficient only 8 liters of water (Savings)
  • saves compared to other heating systems between 40 and 70% (Savings)
  • warmed by radiation to 80% and convection to 20%, without air circulation (Comfort)
  • it needs water circulating at low temperature, from 40 ° to 60 ° degrees (Savings)
  • Delta T (AT ° C) there and back is a maximum of 5 degrees (Savings)
  • maintain the humidity between 50% and 60% (Comfort)
  • heating the walls it removes moisture and insulates the cold outside (Savings)
  • it is constructed with noble metals and without welding, and then the long-term (saving)
  • it works with any type of energy such as solar, photovoltaic, gas, geothermal, etc. (Savings)
  • exists in both hydraulic (water) and electricity according to project needs (Variety)
  • it is installed, such as skirting boards, and built according to the design requirements and external (Style)
  • ideal for new construction and renovation because noninvasive in environments (Style)
  • being installed to view can be easily inspected and maintainable (Guarantee)
  • you can color the aluminum cover on the desired hue, also dyed wood or marble (Style)
  • the temperature is adjustable room by room with an accuracy to the tenth of a degree (Comfort)
  • it is a working system in over 66,000 projects in 22 European countries from 1992 (Guarantee)